Meet Your Police Chief

Chief David Adams worked for the Hendersonville Police Department for 16 years and left in 2012 as Captain Of Criminal Investigations. He became Chief for Franklin in March 2012. Adams served in US Army 82nd Airborne Division and Desert Storm. He has a Master’s Degree in Leadership Management from Montreat College. And, is a certified instructor in Defensive Driving and Self Defense for Basic Law Enforcement Training.


As the Chief of Police, I will use my training, experience and education to the fullest potential for the citizens of Franklin. My philosophy behind this statement is “Excellence through Public Service”.

My entire law enforcement career has been established under the Community Oriented Policing Model; which I believe is an integral part of an effective law enforcement administrator.

My desire is for the community, superiors and co-workers to identify me as a hard working person that can be counted on. I will continue my pursuit of professionalism, ethical behavior and public service. I will lead by example, always available to the employees and public I serve. I feel that anything less will be unacceptable.

Franklin is a wonderful community. I want to maintain your quality of life and ensure that your businesses, homes and personal safety are protected. I will work diligently to make sure that our agency will be accountable, accessible and responsive to your needs and concerns.

I have an open door policy and I welcome your ideas and feedback as we strive to build a stronger and safer community.

“If there were nothing wrong in the world...there wouldn’t be anything for us to do” - George Bernard Shaw

Contact Chief David Adams

David Adams
Franklin Police Chief
PO Box 1479
Franklin, NC 28744-1479
Phone: (828) 524-1886 or (828) 524-2516 ext. 367